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Personal Branding-Build Your Personal Brand in 5 Days

The Internet is quickly becoming the de facto authoritative source of record. It is your resume, your reputation, your credibility, and your performance. If you are interested in future success you had better own your namespace. That begins with personal branding and I am going to show you how to get a solid foundation with a 5 day roadmap.

Day 1: Build a Website (This is NOT hard)

This is your home–it is where people can find the authentic you. This is your safe place and all personal branding roads should lead back to this safe place.

I recommend this be your personal domain name. Hopefully, it can simply be your name. Start with .com, .org, .net. If necessary you can drift into .name and .me, but I suggest those only as reinforcing redirected domains if possible.

You can also effectively use a clever brand name you make up, but they may take a little longer and more creativity to build personal brand around.

My second recommendation for the home base is that it be a blog. It is fast, simple, versatile, and Google loves them. Remember our objectives are immediate search results.

Day 2: Build Your PR Engine

There are lots of ways to do this, but my recommendation is keep it simple and focused. Sign-up and complete your profile for the following services:

I will tell you how to use each in a moment. All you need to do now is sign-up and have your Web URL in each pointed at your home base.

Day 3: Brainstorm Your Brand

This is a critical step and where most stumble. I am going to break it into small concepts.

You are building a personal brand for a reason. Let’s write them down:

  • Defining who you are and what you are good at
  • Defining who you want to meet
  • Defining who you want to meet you
  • Make connecting as frictionless as possible

Turn each of these headings into 4-5 core brand concepts. Here are some examples:

  • Writer: copywriting, ghostwriting, speech writing, web content
  • Affiliate Marketer: ppc, seo, article marketing, affiliate programs
  • Mortgage Broker: mortgage rates, mortgage refinance, reverse mortgage, loan modification

From each of these personal brand concepts craft 10 long tail topics. More examples:

  • Writer: Copywriting-10 Secrets to Make Your Copy Sell
  • Affiliate Marketer: Article Marketing-Driving Niche Traffic to Your eBay Affiliate Store
  • Mortgage Broker: Reverse Mortgages-Helping Your Retired Parents Get the Right Mortgage

Day 4: Write–A Lot

A good personal brand only works if it has depth.

This 5 day process is going to immediately drive people to you. Make sure you look like you are open for business and it is clear who you are and why you are valuable.

So now it is time to open up the word processor. Write each of your list of articles. The list should have between 40-50 article topics. Yes, this is going to be a long day. Here are a few tips:

  • Each article should only be 300-450 words
  • Each should be informative or how-to oriented
  • Create a standard format that is easy to read: italicized introduction, sub-headings, and lists
  • Use keyword(s) in sub-headings and body of article, but no more than 2-3 times
  • Include a consistent “resource box” at the end of each–brief who you are, what you do, and website link

Look at this post as an example.

Day 5: Start Promoting

Okay. I know you are tired, but we are to the fun part–self-promotion!

Expect another long day. Do the following steps. Since we are compressing this into 5 days it is important to do this in order:

  1. Post 10 articles to your blog (website): This should simply be a cut and paste exercise. One important trick to add a little apparent depth. Post date each but the final article when posting. I recommend spacing the post dating to reflect 3 posts per week, or whatever frequency you intend to post in the future. This isn’t intended to be a deceptive trick, but rather helps set expectations for your readers for the frequency of future posts.
  2. Post 10 more articles to your blog (website): These are going to be posted with future dates. This will help make you ongoing personal brand maintenance less intimidating. You now have a good queue–keep it full.
  3. Post 10 articles to eZineArticles: There are others, but this is the best. They have good rules, reputation, and traffic.
  4. Hold on to remaining 10-20 articles: Chances are you didn’t write 40-50 anyway–I know you got lazy, didn’t you? I am your coach– I am going to push you harder than you think you can go. If you met my goal you have some extra juice in the tank to deploy or reserve your call. If you didn’t make it you need to work harder–this is important. It is your personal brand. It will make you more money!
  5. Gmail: Add a signature block. Make it much like your article resource box, but add telephone number, LinkedIN profile and Twitter URLs. Announce your new website and expertise to 10 friends. Ask them to promote and link to you.
  6. Twitter: Go to Search for your keywords. Reply–intelligently–to 10 tweets on things of interest and relevant to you brand. Follow 10 other people in your brand area that you did not reply to tweets from.
  7. LinkedIN: Connect with 10 people you already know (load in address book). Ask them to endorse you.
  8. MyBlogLog: Add widget to blog (website). Search for your keywords. Join 10 communities of people in your brand area.
  9. Stumbleupon: Search for your keywords. Connect with 10 people in your brand area. Stumble each of the websites of the people you connected with on Twitter, LinkedIN, MyBlogLog. Stumble your most recent blog (website) post.
  10. eZineArticles: Add widget to blog (website).

Take the weekend off. Rest. Then…

Repeat Weekly.

Good luck! Happy personal brand building.

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